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Learn how to create fire the primitive way…make cordage from common materials… carve your own spoon…forage for wild edible plants and more....



COURSE OPTIONS - Please email us for our next available course dates.


Bushcraft afternoon session (3 - 4 hour workshop) £35 or £300 for a group of 10.

This afternoon session will give you a taste of all things bushcraft. Workshop covers the following & more: Fire by Friction  /  Natural Cordage / Net Making  / Trapping & Snaring / Fire Lighting / Spoon Carving basics / Natural Tinder / Nalural Glues


Bushcraft Day course (11am - 6pm)  £85p/p

This course aims to introduce you to bushcraft and survival skills. The day will consist of / can be tailored to the following;


SPOON CARVING - Identify non toxic woods and carve your own unique spoon / ladel / spatula. Duration approx 4hrs

FIRE LIGHTING - Master the skills of creating fire from scratch. Become familiar with various woods suitable for friction fire (rubbing two sticks together) or learn which tinder's are the best to use in a survival situation.  Duration approx 2 hours

FIRE LIGHTING CHALLENGE - Put theory into practice and compete in teams to be the first team to burn the string suspended between two trees (waist height) or be the first team to boil a pint of water, or hard boil an egg. This will require a great deal of commitment and team work. Duration approx 30min

SURVIVAL FISHING CHALLENGE - Each person will be competing against each other to catch a fish using basic tools. You will be provided with a length of fishing line and a hook. You must then locate your bait (worms - under rotten logs) and make a fishing rod from branches collected from and around the woodland camp. Duration approx 2 hours or overnight 'night lines' to be checked the following morning.

WILD COOKING - Cook your catch from the lake. Suggested fish to eat from the lake are Perch and Carp, however almost all UK freshwater fish are edible.

GAME PREP AND WILD COOKING - Butcher deer/pigeon/duck/pheasant/partridge and cook over a fire or in a ground oven (Mauri style of cooking).

CORDAGE MAKING - Create cordage from natural materials which can then be used to create a net or used to trap small game such as rabbits (demo only, no animals will actually be harmed or caught).

SHELTER BUILDING - Work individually or as a team to build a water proof shelter from natural materials. Shelters will be judged by how much water seeps through the roof of the shelter and onto the team below that built it. Duration 2 hours

HIDE TANNING - Learn how to tan deer / rabbit hides.


Bushcraft 24hr course (11am- 11am) £150p/p

Our Bushcraft 24hr course aims to take you to the next level of courses as you will be sleeping in the woodland in our woodland camp. During the day you will learn skills and techniques that are key to surviving in the wild as well as the following activities; spoon carving, fire-lighting, cordage making, wild cooking and various survival challenges.  You will be preparing your own dinner (deer/pigeon/duck/pheasant) and then cooking it over a fire that you have created from scratch. In some cases you will be required to catch your own dinner from the lake at North Cadbury Court which will then be prepared and cooked by you in our woodland camp. After dinner, you will have the chance to chill out and relax around the fire which is the perfect opportunity to finish your spoon carving, natural cordage or master your newly developed skill of fire-lighting.

Sleeping arrangements: Hammocks + tarps or build your own group shelter.


Bushcraft weekend course (Fri 5pm - Sun 11am) £210p/p

Night 1 - Sleep in a tent / hammock

Night 2 - Sleep in a shelter you have constructed

This is an in-depth course covering a vast array of bushcraft & survival subjects and also game butchery. Over the duration of the weekend, we will cover fire-lighting, shelter building, deer butchery, make your own game jerky, wild cooking, hide tanning, spoon carving, cordage making, survival challenges, camp & fire setup and lots more. After dinner you will get the chance to continue whittling away at your freshly carved spoon, practice your fire skills or make some final adjustments to your newly constructed shelters.  At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to take away with you; your own friction fire set, natural cordage and your newly carved spoon as well as a bag of game jerky.

For overnight courses, you will be advised to bring your own tent / hammock to sleep in.  We will have spare tarps and various other equipment you can use.

Contact Dustin for more info:

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If you are a School, Scout Group or have your own venue then we can come to you!

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