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Learn how to create fire the primitive way…make cordage from common materials… carve your own spoon…forage for wild edible plants and more....

3 - 4 hour workshop

Workshop covers the following & more:


Fire by Friction               Natural Cordage


Net Making                  Trapping & Snaring


Fire by Flint & Steel            Spoon Carving


Natural Tinder’s        Fire by Compression


Natural Glues                           Natural Oils


All workshops are hands on experiences. You will get the chance to try new skills and techniques as well as create fire from natural materials; collect your own natural glue and have fun and laughs that go with learning Bushcraft.


£35 per person


£300 (group of 10)


Minimum booking for workshop to go ahead: 5 persons or £150.

Fire Piston kits will be offered at a 40% reduction in price to those who participate in the workshop.

Day / Overnight / Weekend courses available

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