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Fire Piston - Drill Your Own / Mini Fire Piston


This Aluminium Fire Piston uses the new age cutting edge 'fire by compression' method, not fire by friction or flint/steel.  
It allows you to create fire by compressing air with just the force of your hands so there is no need for matches or lighters! Small and compact, it even works after being submerged in water making an essential for all Bushcraft and Outdoors enthusiasts alike!
How it works:
When the piston is rammed quickly into the sealed cylinder, the compression of the air causes the temperature inside the cylinder to rise rapidly to 260°c (500°F) causing the tinder on the piston face to ignite.  Then just withdraw the piston and transfer the lit end to a large pile of kindling to create a fire.
These kits have been designed for you to make your unique fire piston. All you need is some wood/bone/antler/stone...and a power drill. Note: Pull-sting bag not included