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Science Fire Piston


Fire Pistons demonstrate the rise in temperature when a mass of air is
rapidly compressed. The tinder provided allows you to create a flash of light
or an ember of fire by using the hand operated plunger.
Cotton and charcloth are provided although almost any dry and fibrous
organic material will combust. To re-ignite a piece of tinder, the plunger
must be removed to introduce a supply of fresh air.

Base: Nylon block pyramid design with non-slip neoprene
base. Easily adjustable base washer system to ensure 100%
Plunger: Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminium with comfortable
bakelite plunger knob. Easily adjustable plunger washer to
ensure 100% compression. End cup tinder holder.
Cylinder: Transparent Polycarbonate
Measurements: Base width 110mm. Total height 295mm
Weight: (including cotton, charcloth, lubricant) 305g