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Need extra tinder for your fFire Piston or Firesteel?

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A very useful skill is the ability to make char cloth. This material when properly prepared will ignite with the slightest spark. Used throughout history to help start fire in primitive methods. Char cloth can help us start a fire with flint and steel and Ferrocerium (flint rod).

Just take a scrap of the tinder fungus and hold it on your flint, just back from the edge. Strike down the edge and skate a spark into the tinder fungus. With just a little practice, it will catch almost every time.

CRAMP BALL   / KING ALFRED CAKE (Daldinia Concentrica)
This has long been a favourite of mine. What I like about cramp balls is that they take a spark quite easily and just smoulder away, which means they can be used to hold an ember if you need to travel and transfer your fire. The trick is to drop your spark on to the concentric rings on the underside of the fungus.