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  • WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING IN STOCK: 5mm X 67mm BLANK ROD 9mm x 101mm BLANK ROD 9mm x 76mm BLANK ROD WE ALSO HAVE FIRESTEEL KITS (These come with a striker) CLICK HERE FIRESTEEL BLANK RODS email us for bulk orders & quotes S238508 Ø2.38 x 50.8MM 3/32″ or 6/64″ 3/32″ x 2″ S317508 Ø3.17 …


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  • English flint – Great for primitive/traditional fire lighting.

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  • – HIGH QUALITY – Carbon Steel Ideal For A Fire Striker.
    – HAND FORGED – Each Piece is Unique And Hand Crafted To Perfection.
    – SIZED TO FIT – Large Enough To Fit All 4 Fingers For A Comfortable Fit And Maximum Impact.   ENGLISH FLINT – Sourced from the British Woodlands.
    – DURABLE – Medieval Jute Carry Bag.
    – IDEAL GIFT KIT – Loved By Any Bushcrafter or Outdoor Enthusiast Who Appreciates Traditional Fire Starting Methods.

    This high-quality steel is made to create good sparks with minimal striking. When combined with our English flint pieces will create great, high temperature sparks with the lightest of strikes. Reliable, no matter the weather, and long-lasting with at least 50,000 strikes.

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  • Our very own branded BUSHCRAFTTOOLS.COM lanyard, suitable for anything from your keys, firesteel, neck knife to fire piston

    These heavy-duty lanyards come in two colours: CAMO and Orange (for high visibility in the woods).

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  • The Mora high-vis 860F is the ideal choice for teaching or survival knife. With its super-bright orange colour you won’t lose it!

    The knife is very adaptable and sharp, with a patterned high-friction grip handle. Ideal camping, bushcraft knife.

    Blade of cold-rolled special stainless steel from Sandvik. Fluorescent/black handle and Flourescent sheath. Easily found even if dropped in high grass.

    Blade: Stainless steel
    Blade length: 100 mm
    Hardness: HRC 57 on Rockwell Scale
    Sheath: Thermoplastic with belt clip and drain hole

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  • The Mora Pro S Stainless knife is a bushcraft knife of professional quality. It has a blue and black TPE grippy rubber and hard plastic handle, ergonomically designed for better grip friction. You’re sure that this knife won’t slip from your hands that easily, even during wet weather.

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  • Fire Pistons demonstrate the rise in temperature when a mass of air is
    rapidly compressed. The tinder provided allows you to create a flash of light
    or an ember of fire by using the hand operated plunger.
    Cotton and charcloth are provided although almost any dry and fibrous
    organic material will combust. To re-ignite a piece of tinder, the plunger
    must be removed to introduce a supply of fresh air.

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  • Replacement screw cap ends available in GREEN, SILVER or BLACK

    You will receive 2 x caps of your choice.

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    TITANIUM SPORK including FREE BAG. The ultimate in outdoor cutlery; an all in one Spoon, Fork and Knife. Supplied with a hard-wearing bag to keep the Spork clean and ready to use on your next adventure!

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    Sticker diameter: 70mm

    Material: Tough & durable waterproof vinyl

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  • These quality Bushcrafttools branded t-shirts are available in a range of colours and feature the original Bushcrafttools logo.

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  • These quality Bushcrafttools branded t-shirt’s are available in a range of colours and feature the original Bushcrafttools logo.

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  • Replacement screw cups for all of our FIRE PISTONS

    You will receive 1 tinder cup.

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  • Spare rubber washers for all our FIRE PISTONS.

    Rubber washers will last for approximately 100 strikes. If used correctly then this could mean 100 fires.

    10 washers £1.50

    100 washers £7.50

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