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Bushcraft Tools Knife – Raptorex


With the success of our YouTube channel and reaching 100k subscribers, we have decided to offer you our very own custom bushcraft knife. These knives have been designed and manufactured to an extremely high standard – taking into account rust resistance (for wet/damp and coastal environments, strength (for battoning and heavy-duty tasks), and in particular cooking and food prep.


The Blade is made from AEB-L stainless steel. Once shaped, the blade is heat-treated, using a formula developed over several years of testing and refining. All blades are tested multiple times during the heat-treatment process to ensure a consistent hardness of 60-61hrc. The AEB-L is a very tough stainless steel and at this hardness, a good balance between edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance is achieved. The bevels are ground before the logos are added, and the blades are sandblasted, etched and stonewashed to give a durable dark finish. Although the blade has high corrosion resistance, it will benefit from being kept dry and oiled.

The blade has a sabre grind with a secondary bevel, like the traditional Scandinavian grind. When paired with the superior strength of AEB-L steel, the secondary bevel ensures the cutting edge is less prone to damage. The drop point blade shape provides a very strong tip.

The Massur Birch is imported from Finland and specially selected for high figuring, this makes every knife unique. The wood is dried and resin stabilized to provide an attractive handle that is less prone to expansion or shrinkage due to environmental conditions. Blue G10 liners are added, and the handle is secured with loveless bolts and a flexible epoxy to seal the joint. After shaping, the handle is hand-sanded using fine sandpaper to a 1200 grit finish and a fine Scotchbright. Although stabilized, it is not recommended that the knife is left submerged in water and should be kept dry.

The sheath is made from the finest Italian veg-tanned leather. The leather has a very fine grade and even thickness, ensuring a strong sheath. Once cut, the leather hand-dyed brown with black camo effect, making every sheath unique. The leather is then soaked with neatsfoot oil to replenish the natural oils lost during the dyeing process. A water-resistant coating is added to the inside of the sheath. The sheath is stitched using Tiger Thread and then several applications of leather treatment are used to add protection to the leather. The leather sheath can be maintained using a good leather conditioner. As leather is a natural material, it is possible for scars from the animal to show in the leather, these are often left in as they give character to the sheath and make it more unique. The final edge is added by hand, using diamond abrasives, this means that the temper is not affected by heat.

Now for the specs…

Model: Raptorex Bushcraft Knife

Limited Edition: Bushcraft Tools Edition

Knife weight: 227g

Blade thickness: 3.4mm

Specifications: Overall Length: 231mm Blade Length: 110mm

Blade Steel: AEB-L

Blade Hardness: 60 HRC

Firesteel: 9mm diameter x 101mm length, inserted into Deer Antler Tip

Hand Material: Stabilized Massur Birch

Sheath: Premium Italian Leather

Handmade by: Nik Jones

*Manufactured in the United Kingdom*


Each knife has a unique serial number – Please choose your desired number from the drop-down menu.

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Serial Number:

017, 019, 020, 021, 022, 024

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