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  • A cutting board is essential gear when you’re roughing it. The best camping cutting board is the one you find easy to use while providing the utility you need. These custom-made eco-friendly bamboo chopping boards are the perfect item for your next camping/hiking trip. Perfect for outdoor Camping, Mountaineering, Cycling & Fishing.

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  • This voucher is valid for any products sold on the Bushcrafttools.com website, as well as any of our www.westcountrybushcraft.co.uk courses.

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  • Antler tips are great for craft projects. Many people will mount a blank firesteel into the drilled out antler tip for that unique caveman look.

    Sizes: 50 – 70mm (approx)

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    Great with a FIRESTEEL  or FIRE PISTON. This material will catch a spark and gently smoulder giving you plenty of time to prepare your tinder bundle before placing the ember into the centre of it and blowing it into a flame. This material has been used throughout history to help create fires. Char cloth can also be used to start a fire with FLINT and STEEL.

    CONTENTS: 800mm charred cotton rope (6mm diameter)

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  • – HIGH QUALITY – Carbon Steel Ideal For A Fire Striker.
    – HAND FORGED – Each Piece is Unique And Hand Crafted To Perfection.
    – SIZED TO FIT – Large Enough To Fit All 4 Fingers For A Comfortable Fit And Maximum Impact.   ENGLISH FLINT – Sourced from the British Woodlands.
    – DURABLE – Medieval Jute Carry Bag.
    – IDEAL GIFT KIT – Loved By Any Bushcrafter or Outdoor Enthusiast Who Appreciates Traditional Fire Starting Methods.

    This high-quality steel is made to create good sparks with minimal striking. When combined with our English flint pieces will create great, high temperature sparks with the lightest of strikes. Reliable, no matter the weather, and long-lasting with at least 50,000 strikes.

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  • English flint – Great for primitive/traditional fire lighting.

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  • These pyrite stones have been used throughout history as a means to create fire. Simply strike a piece of flint onto the pyrite to create sparks. Traditionally a tinder would have been used to ‘catch’ the spark, such as a strip of amadou or tinder fungus.

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    TITANIUM SPORK including FREE BAG. The ultimate in outdoor cutlery; an all in one Spoon, Fork and Knife. Supplied with a hard-wearing bag to keep the Spork clean and ready to use on your next adventure!

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